Do Slugs Eat Petunias
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Do Slugs Eat Petunias?

Petunias are great bedding plants to have and now that we’re into spring, more and more people are…
Do Slugs Eat Pansies
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Do Slugs Eat Pansies?

Pansies are a very popular plant as they can grow well in both flower beds and pots. But…
Do Slugs Eat Marigolds
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Do Slugs Eat Marigolds?

Slugs will eat almost any kind of plant matter that they can get to and marigolds have been…
Do Slugs Eat Dahlias
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Do Slugs Eat Dahlias?

Slugs will eat a large number of different plant species, both alive and dead. In this article, we’ll…
Do Slugs Eat Grass
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Do Slugs Eat Grass?

Slugs eat a lot of different things, and if you have grass covering your lawn you may be…
Do Slugs Eat Begonias
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Do Slugs Eat Begonias?

Finding plants that are slug-resilient is quite a tricky business and it’s good to know if your plants…
Do Slugs Like Salt
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Do Slugs Like Salt?

If you have ever had a conversation about slugs in your garden, then you have likely heard someone…
Do Slugs Eat Tomato Plants
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Do Slugs Eat Tomato Plants?

Slugs eat a lot of plant matter which can make growing crops quite difficult for gardeners. We’re going…
Do Eggshells Deter Slugs
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Do Eggshells Deter Slugs?

There are many natural ways of deterring slugs that gardeners have developed and found work. One method that…
Do Coffee Grounds Deter Slugs
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Do Coffee Grounds Deter Slugs?

Due to the harmful chemicals in slug pellets, many gardeners have turned to natural remedies for repelling slugs.…
Plants That Deter Slugs
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7 Plants That Deter Slugs

Despite what you may think, slugs will not eat every plant in existence. In fact, there are some…
Does Gravel Deter Snails
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Does Gravel Deter Slugs?

Slugs are known for being deterred by many things in their surroundings. Let’s have a look at if…