Is Beer Poisonous to Snails
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Is Beer Poisonous to Snails?

Many people suggest using beer traps when dealing with snails in your garden. Is this because snails like…
Does Salt Deter Snails
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Does Salt Deter Snails?

People have spoken about using salt against snails for many years. But does the substance actually deter these…
What Do Garden Snails Eat
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What Do Garden Snails Eat?

Snails are known for not being particularly picky when munching their way through your garden so we’re going…
Plants That Deter Snails
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9 Plants That Deter Snails

Whilst snails will eat many different types of plants. There are also several species of plants that will…
Does Garlic Deter Snails
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Does Garlic Deter Snails?

Garlic has been quite often used by gardeners as a method of deterring a variety of pests. But…
Does Vinegar Kill Snails
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Does Vinegar Kill Snails?

Vinegar is most known for being paired with salt on your chips, and it is quite a divisive…