Does Cayenne Pepper Deter Cats?

Cats can be stubborn animals, and they always return to knock down your plant pots and poop in the soil. Spices are known for deterring cats. So let’s consider one specific spice and ask: Does cayenne pepper deter cats?

Yes, cayenne pepper does deter cats because it contains the chemical capsaicin which cats hate.

This chemical can also be found in many commercially available cat repellents. However, you can use the cayenne pepper in your home, right in your garden. You can make your spray or sprinkle the flakes to deter cats. 

Is Cayenne Pepper Safe for Cats?

There has been a lot of speculation regarding cayenne pepper and its safety for cats. Of course, along with solving a problem, we need to ensure we do it safely. 

One thing you should not stress about is whether the pepper can poison the cat. This pepper is not lethal to cats, but it can cause them to fall sick.

Cayenne pepper is hot and spicy and can lead to a burning sensation on the tongue, mouth and throat. In addition, if the cat ingests it, it can lead to stomach burn, vomiting and diarrhoea.

Usually, cats tend to stay away from spicy scents and hot foods. Hence, chances are the cat in your garden will smell the pepper and know to keep its distance. 

Is Cayenne Pepper Toxic to Cats?

Cayenne pepper is not reported to be toxic to cats. However, it can be an irritant. If it gets in a cat’s paws, skin or eyes then it can cause them discomfort.

Is Cayenne Pepper Safe for Plants?

It would not be wise to use any method which deters cats but could harm your plants. Otherwise, there is no point in using it in the first place. People opt for home remedies because they want to keep their plants safe. Using cayenne pepper is safe for your plants and is, in fact, beneficial.

Cayenne pepper is helpful for plants and can help you repel not only cats but other small insects. Hence, it would help not to worry about any repercussions like your plants burning. Your plants will be safe from a wide variety of pests. 

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How to Use Cayenne Pepper to Deter Cats

Now that you have learned about the benefits of using cayenne pepper, the only thing left is to learn how to use it. How effective cayenne pepper can be to deter cats will depend heavily on how you use it.

Here are a few options for how to use cayenne pepper to keep cats away:

Create a Barrier 

The first thing you can do with cayenne pepper creates a barrier at your entrance. This way, cats will not even enter your garden, and you will not have to deal with them completely.

You can create the barrier by sprinkling some cayenne pepper around the entrance of your garden. In addition, you can also form a barrier around a specific plant or your pots. 

Burn the Pepper 

As aforementioned, cats have a sensitive sense of smell and get irritated around strong scents. You can use this to your advantage by burning cayenne pepper.

This will emit smoke, which will irritate any passing cats. You can burn the cayenne pepper near your plants or any place in your garden where cats tend to visit often. 

When you perform this activity, you need to ensure to take precautions. Moreover, please ensure that you do not have children or pets near the area as it can cause irritation in the eyes and nose.

Cayenne Pepper Spray

One of the easiest ways to use cayenne pepper to repel cats is by making a spray. You can either use powdered pepper or ground. Whichever form of cayenne pepper you are using, you must add two tablespoons for every gallon.

In addition, the pepper would also help if you use other ingredients like soap or essential oil to make the mix strong. You must mix the ingredients well and leave them for some hours, so it gets time to saturate. 

After the mix is done getting saturated, you can go ahead and strain it, so there are no chunks left. Next, you should transfer the spray to a bottle so you can easily spray it on your plants.

The leftover mix can be stored in plastic containers, and you can use them for a week. If you are dealing with a lot of pests, including cats, you can use more. However, for home gardens, spray bottles usually do the trick. 

You can spray the mixture on the plants, fences, equipment and any place where cats leave their mark. It would be best to wait for the day when there is no expected wind or rain; otherwise, the spray will be ineffective as it will wash away. You must apply twice a week until you see a noticeable difference to see effective results.

Sprinkle it

A convenient way of using cayenne pepper is by simply sprinkling it on the soil. When cats come into your garden, the pepper will get stuck to their paws, creating discomfort, and they will know to avoid the situation next time.

However, the wind and rain can become a hindrance as they can easily wash the pepper away. Therefore, you may need to apply the pepper often.

Does Other Pepper Deter Cats?

Yes, you can use other types of pepper including black pepper, white pepper and even Szechuan pepper to deter cats. Providing that the pepper has a strong smell, it will deter cats.


You can deter cats from your garden by using cayenne pepper. Cayenne pepper is quite strong and contains the chemical capsaicin, which is known to deter cats and other pests.

This pepper is not toxic to cats but can irritate. Moreover, cayenne pepper is beneficial for plants as it acts as a natural insecticide. You can either sprinkle the pepper, burn it, create a barrier, or make a homemade spray.

An important thing to remember is that you need to be consistent to see good results.

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