Does Pepper Deter Cats?

Does Pepper Deter Cats

If a cat is constantly entering your garden and being a nuisance, you may be looking for ways to deter it. Common kitchen spices are often used as a cat deterrent. But of all the spices does pepper deter cats? It’s the most common spice, after all…

You can deter cats that come into your garden by using pepper. Any combination of pepper will work including black, white and/or cayenne pepper.

Fortunately, there are many forms of pepper that you can use to deter cats. The different options make it easy for you to choose. The smell of pepper is what deters cats because they have a strong odour sense.

By sprinkling pepper in your garden or making a spray, you can prevent cats from entering because they can smell the scent from far away.

Does Black Pepper Deter Cats?

You can keep cats out of your garden by using black pepper as a deterrent. Black pepper is available in everyone’s homes, and it serves more purpose than being a popular seasoning.

As humans, we find the scent of black pepper strong so imagine how it is for a cat.

Cats do not like strong smells as they are sensitive to them. You can release the scent of whole black pepper by crushing it. Next, you can sprinkle the crushed black pepper in your garden and let the wind carry its scent. The scent will enter the nose of any nearby cat, and hence, it will avoid your territory.

Even if a cat enters your garden, the black pepper will irritate its paws and nose, and it will not return.

However, black pepper can be easily washed away with the rain, so you must sprinkle it again. It’s also important to crush it to release the strong aroma – whole peppercorns are less likely to work.

Does White Pepper Deter Cats?

If you do not have black pepper, you can use white pepper instead. With cats, the game is all about the scent. Since cats do not like any kind of pepper, it does not matter which one you use as long as it contains a strong pepper aroma.

You can use white pepper the same way that you use black pepper.

You can either sprinkle white pepper in your garden or make a spray out of it. Pepper is an effective method of keeping all the cats away.

Firstly, the scent of white pepper should be enough to keep the cats out. But even if a cat comes into your garden, the white pepper will enter its sinus and irritate the eyes.

Does Cayenne Pepper Deter Cats?

Perhaps one of the most famous methods of deterring cats is using cayenne pepper or chilli powder. While using cayenne pepper is an affordable method, even commercially available cat repellents have it as their main ingredient.

What makes cayenne pepper special is the ingredient capsaicin which cats do not like. You can use cayenne pepper by spraying the flakes at the bottom of your plants. Cayenne pepper also comes in powder form, which you can sprinkle on the leaves.

However, it is important to take extra care because the wind can cause the pepper to get into your eyes.

The problem you’re likely to have with other peppers is also something you will have with using cayenne. The rain can wash cayenne pepper easily away, and therefore, you will have to reapply it to your garden.

If you do not like the idea of using cayenne pepper in powder form, you can make a spray. Since cats do not like the smell of mustard oil or vinegar, mixing it with cayenne pepper makes a great repellent. You can spray this repellent on your plants and areas that require extra attention.

The great thing about using cayenne pepper as a repellent is it also repels other animals. The repellent is a natural insecticide and will get rid of those nasty bugs that damage plants.

Is Pepper Poisonous to Cats?

While we do not like cats coming into our garden, using a repellent that can poison them is wrong, a cat’s life is very important, and we only condone humane methods of cat repellent.

Many people worry that pepper can be poisonous to cats. However, that is untrue. You can use pepper in your garden as a deterrent to get rid of any neighbouring cats. While pepper can be a nuisance for cats as it irritates them, it will not kill them.

The best thing to do is to use pepper safely.

That is, if you worry about any cats ingesting pepper, do not spray it on the plants. Instead, you can sprinkle it in small quantities or hang pepper-infused tea bags.


Spices do more than add flavour to the dishes we cook. If you are a passionate gardener and cats invade your space, you can use pepper to deter them.

Fortunately, pepper comes in many forms, and cats detest the scent of all of them. The most common form of pepper available is black pepper which we have in our kitchens. However, if black pepper is not available, you can also use white pepper to deter cats.

You can either sprinkle the pepper or make a spray for your garden.

A famous way to deter cats is using cayenne pepper. This pepper has capsaicin which is the ingredient that cats hate. A benefit to using cayenne pepper is that it also acts as an insecticide and will keep harmful insects away.

In addition, pepper is not poisonous to cats and will only irritate them. However, you should still use pepper moderately to be safe.

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