How to Stop Slugs Eating Plants

One of the most common pests you will find in your garden is slugs. But you know that! It’s why you’re looking for ways to stop them. Fortunately, we’ve put together an extensive guide for you on how to stop slugs eating plants:

There are various ways to stop slugs from eating plants, including using eggshells, coffee grounds, salt and copper tape.

What about slug pellets? You can, of course, always use slug pellets to tackle slugs. However, these pellets are harmful to the environment.

We would always advise against using slug pellets in the garden. They might be effective at killing slugs but they are also detrimental to the health of hedgehogs, birds and other wildlife.

Are Slug Pellets Harmful to Cats

Can You Put Salt Around Plants to Stop Slugs?

A known method people recommend using for deterring slugs is to put salt around plants to stop them. Salt enters the slug’s body and dehydrates it, killing it in the process.

You can put salt as a border around your plants, so the slugs cannot cross that line. However, this method has its own disadvantages. The salt you have sprinkled will eventually blow away by the wind.

Any rainfall or garden watering will also wash away the salt. As a result, the salinity level in your soil will increase which can then impact the growth rate and quality of your garden plants. 

Salt can still work, but you need a lot of it to be effective. Salt can only kill slugs and will not deter them. This means there are other ways that slugs can still enter your garden. It is not a long-term solution. 

Can You Put Copper Tape Around Plants to Stop Slugs?

One way you can use copper is in the form of copper tape. You can create a boundary on plant pots or raised boxes with copper tape, so slugs are discouraged from climbing.

Copper is known to react with slug slime and give them a jolt. You can use copper in other forms other than tape.

You can get your hands on copper mesh and use it on your plants. You can use the mesh on the edges enough so that slugs do not get through. It is important not to bury the mesh underground as the soil’s moisture will render it useless.

There are also individual copper barriers available for plants. It is best to use these barriers on plants that are vulnerable by putting copper bracelets on them. The copper bracelet will expand as your plant grows. It is essential to ensure that you wrap the bracelet completely around the plant so no slug can get in. 

What Does Copper Do To Slugs

What Else Can You Use to Stop Slugs Eating Plants?

If you do not wish to use salt or copper to tackle the slugs in your garden, you can try various other ways. 


To repel slugs and stop them from eating the plants in your garden, add some texture. Since slugs glide to move, they prefer smooth surfaces. Therefore, you can add rough gravel, mulch or sharp sand to your garden.

These sharp materials will hinder the movement of slugs and will have them going back in no time. 

Plants that Slugs Hate 

While slugs are fond of many different plants, some they still find repulsive. For instance, plants with strong scents like rosemary and lavender deter slugs. Garlic is another plant you can use to keep slugs out.

You can also create a garlic spray to use on plant leaves to kill slugs. 

Does Garlic Repel Slugs


Like gravel, eggshells also serve the purpose of providing a rough terrain for slugs. You can simply break the eggshells and place them in the soil. The eggshells and repelling slugs also work to provide nutrients to the soil. 

Coffee Grounds 

Another way to repel slugs is to use coffee grounds. While we humans love the smell of coffee, slugs do not. You can simply sprinkle some used coffee grounds in your garden or make a coffee spray for your plants. 


You can create natural traps in your garden using citrus rinds. Slugs love citrus, and if you leave them out, it will attract the slugs.

You can then go out in the evening and collect all of the slugs around the rinds and dispose of them as you see fit. 

Slug Traps 

You can create your own slug trap by using a plastic cup and adding some beer to it. You need to ensure that the cup has a hole big enough for slugs to go through. The beer attracts the slugs, and it drowns in the cup in an attempt to get to it. 

You can also trap slugs using a simple sheet of cardboard. You only have to place the cardboard atop the soil and leave it overnight. Slugs are attracted to moist and dark places and accumulate under the board.

All that’s left for you to do is head out in the morning, flip it over and get rid of the slugs.

[lasso ref=”easy-to-use-slug-traps” id=”1681″ link_id=”9275″]


Slugs are quite the menace to deal with it. Rightly, many people do not like using chemicals. Therefore, they must rely on natural ways to stop slugs from eating plants. Using salt effectively kills slugs, but it does not keep them away for long.

An effective way to stop slugs from eating plants is to use copper tape or mesh around your plants. The copper works by coming together with slug slime and giving them an electrical jolt.

There are other ways to stop slugs like putting out rough terrain, growing plants that slugs hate, using eggshells, coffee grounds, citrus and slug traps. 

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