Do Aphids Hate Garlic?

Many insects prey on plants in gardens, but the most common are aphids. Aphids not only damage the plants, but they also spread fast. But what home remedies work to deter aphids? Let’s look at garlic: Do aphids hate garlic and could it work as an effective deterrent?

Yes, aphids hate garlic because it contains sulphur compounds making it an effective pesticide. 

Unfortunately, many frustrated gardeners revert to using chemicals to get rid of insects in their gardens.

However, where possible, you should go down the natural road and use home remedies. There are many things you can find in your home which can deter aphids and get rid of them. As you now know that aphids hate garlic, you can get rid of aphids by creating a mixture with garlic and spraying it on your plants. 

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Does Garlic Keep Aphids Away?

Garlic is an effective aphid repellent that you can use to spray on plants or in the soil. You can use garlic in a spray to use on your leaves and deter aphids. Garlic can be used as a soil treatment in the form of garlic water. 

Fortunately, garlic also has additional uses apart from being a pesticide. You can also use garlic to get rid of mildew and fungal infestations, common in gardens. Garlic also helps deter other garden pests like cats, rabbits, and other insects. 

For something you’re likely to have in your kitchen cupboard, garlic is one powerful tool to have in your garden.

Can You Spray Garlic on Plants?

You can use garlic in many forms, and one great way is to make a spray out of it. Once you’ve made your spray, it is perfectly safe to use on your plants.

As with many homemade repellents, it can be a good idea to do a quick patch test on any plants you have. Spray one leaf with the solution and wait 24 hours to see if it has a negative impact on the plant.

You should also use this garlic spray in moderation!

Making Garlic Water
Making a garlic spray is easy! Take 3 cloves of garlic and blender into a puree then add several cups of water and blitz again. Leave in a bottle overnight to mature then get ready to spray it.

How to Use Garlic to Keep Aphids Away

The great thing about garlic is that it is versatile, and you can use it in different ways. The best way to use garlic is in the form of garlic water. You can spray the garlic water on the plants and in the soil where the infested plant is. 

It is important to be thorough when spraying the infested plants because aphids hide underneath the leaves. You must toss and turn the leaves, or if you have indoor plants, you can give them a proper garlic bath in the tub. 


Instead of making garlic water, you can also use garlic oil to keep aphids away. You can easily make garlic oil by chopping some garlic cloves up and letting them infuse in olive oil. For the oil to have a garlic scent, it is important to let it sit out for at least 24 hours.

Next, you can strain the mixture and discard the garlic pieces. Then, you can add some water to the oil mixture to make it easier to spray.

To make it even more effective, and add a teaspoon of liquid soap. The garlic itself is strong, and the scent will prevent any aphids from coming near the plants. The liquid soap will kill any existing aphids that are infesting your plants. 

Do Garlic Plants Repel Aphids?

Another natural way to repel aphids is to plant garlic in the garden. If you happen to have a vegetable crop that is getting destroyed by aphids (brassicas in particular) then interplant with garlic to deter them naturally.

There are also other plants that you can grow in your garden to keep aphids away. Some of these plants include chives, leeks, and marigolds. It is best to grow these plants near any other plants that are prone to aphid infestations. 


Aphids are small, soft-bodied insects that cause harm to plants and are not easy to get rid of. Aphids multiply quickly. Therefore, it is important to take quick action against them.

While getting rid of aphids using chemicals seems easier, many people prefer to use natural remedies like garlic. Aphids and other insects hate the scent of garlic, and therefore, it is effective in getting rid of them. 

Garlic is also great because you make a spray out of it and use it on your plants. For people who like to go down the organic route, using garlic will keep their plants safe.

You can make a spray out of garlic by mixing it with water. In addition, you can also mix garlic oil in water and soap to create a strong spray to deter plants. It is important to be thorough when you spray garlic mix on the plants as aphids are small and can hide easily under plant leaves.

Another way to deter aphids is to grow plants like marigolds that will keep them away. If the infestation is in its initial stage, you can wash the aphids away with a strong spray of water.

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