Where Do Aphids Come From?

Aphids are a little hard to detect because of their small size. However, you may have seen small, green insects in your garden. But how did aphids end up in your garden? Where do aphids come from?

Unfortunately, aphids can be found across the world but they tend to prefer slightly warmer temperatures.

You will usually spot aphids during the spring months as that is when they are the most active. Aphids are found in colonies and are hidden underneath the leaves. An aphid infestation can become widespread very quickly as they reproduce at a rapid rate.

Do Aphids Come from the Soil?

There are different kinds of aphids, and while some cling to plants, others can be found in the soil. If aphids have been living in the soil, they will take over the roots of the plants. Aphids that live in the soil are called, as you may have guessed, root aphids.

If you have aphids in the soil, it becomes tricky to get rid of them. However, an easy way to get rid of aphids from your garden is to have natural predators.

These predators, like ladybugs, consume primarily aphids and will help control the overall population. One way to ensure that there are predators in your garden is to make it attractive. 

You also have the option of getting ladybugs commercially and letting them loose in your garden. There are many suppliers who sell ladybugs for this reason only.

Watch Our for Bought Compost
If you buy compost from your local DIY store then you may inadvertently bring aphids into your garden as it can contain aphid eggs. If you have the ability to, then having a compost heap can help prevent this!

What Causes Aphids to Appear?

Sometimes, you may do everything right and still end up with an aphid infestation. There are several reasons why aphids have been appearing in your garden:

Ability to Fly 

One of the reasons why aphid infestations spread so quickly is because they can fly. However, all aphids cannot fly, but most of them do. Aphids can cover a lot of distance, which is why they can easily spread from one garden to another. 

In some cases, aphids do not need to fly, and nature does its job for them. Aphids can get blown by the wind from one place to another.

Weak Plants 

It is important to take care of your plants and ensure they are healthy. Aphids take over plants that are already unhealthy. In addition, aphids are known to carry viruses from one plant to another. If your plants are not doing well, they will not stand a chance against aphids. 

New Plants

If you are bringing new plants into your garden, there are chances that they have aphids or eggs. When you bring these plants into your garden, the aphids spread until it becomes a big infestation.

Therefore, before you purchase any plants and bring them home, it is important to check them for aphids. It would help if you focused particularly on the underside of the leaves, as this is where aphids hide. 

Do Aphids Lay Eggs in the Soil?

Aphids can lay their eggs in the soil, and they survive for the longest time as they are hardy. However, most aphids are found to lay eggs on the leaves of plants.

If you have a root aphid infestation, they will likely leave eggs in the soil. The eggs are found under the soil, and it provides them with a layer of protection, especially during the cold winter months. 

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If you suspect that there are aphid eggs in your soil, there are a few ways you can get rid of them. The first thing you can do is to remove the eggs by hand. However, many people are not comfortable with the idea of using their hands.

Instead, you can also use a blast of water to clear aphid eggs. 

Another way which works well is using soapy water. The Soapy water kills not only the aphids but also their eggs. You can create your soapy water and add some essential oils to make it even stronger.


Aphids are the small insects you may find in your gardens. These are common garden pests, but sometimes you may not realise that you have them because they are not easy to spot.

Aphids can travel great distances by flying or getting blown by the wind. Hence, an aphid infestation can spread very quickly. There are different kinds of aphids you may find. One kind lives on the underside of the leaves, and root aphids are found inside the soil. 

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