Where Do Foxes Live?

Being omnivorous allows foxes to survive and adapt to varying biomes and habitats. These fluffy, shy, but clever animals are seen wherever you go, so where do foxes live? What places can you find foxes?

Foxes live in almost every habitat and biome. Besides the oceanic regions, foxes can be found in deserts, forests, grasslands, woodlands, and even in regions like the Arctic. 

Foxes are excellent survivors and hunters. Being opportunistic omnivorous predators allows them to eat almost anything. Being amazing hunters and food foragers, they don’t have a hard time finding food in any habitat or biome they may be present in.

They live on every continent except Antarctica.

Foxes can easily survive and thrive in even the harshest environments, and they don’t hibernate either in harsh winters, unlike most other mammals.

Where Do Foxes Go During the Day?

Foxes are nocturnal and like to avoid daytime as much as possible, so they pass the day sleeping and hunting and gathering food at night. The night is also the time when their prey is active.

Some species of foxes are crepuscular, meaning they’ll be active during the twilight hours of dawn and dusk. Sometimes when foxes are seen during the day, they’ll be looking for a mate or foraging food. 

Foxes can sleep 8 or more hours a day to avoid daytime and will wake up when the sun goes down. Foxes like to sleep in an open area or under a burrow or some other shelter. When a fox has a mate and is about to have kits, it will increase its hunting hours from night to day and come out during the day to hunt and gather food for its family. 

Foxes are opportunistic predators, and if an opportunity arises, for example, a rabbit or other rodent made its way near a fox’s den, the fox will come out during the day and hunt it.

December to March is breeding season and kit rearing season for foxes, so foxes come out during the daytime to find mates. 

Which Countries Have Foxes?

Foxes are found in several countries all across the world. They live in grasslands, northern areas, woodlands, urban, rural, suburban areas, and deserts.

United States

Foxes are found all over the US. From north to south, you can find a fox in every US state. There are three common species of foxes in America: Red foxes, kit foxes, and grey foxes.

Red foxes live in most parts of the country and are the most common in North America. Grey foxes live in most parts of the US as well. They’re very common in Oklahoma and Texas.

Kit foxes live in southern and northern parts of America. They’re also called American fennec foxes because of their large ears, similar to a fennec fox. 


Foxes are found in a lot of parts of Canada. Generally, foxes cover most of the northern regions worldwide. Red foxes are most common in Canada, but grey foxes, swift foxes, and arctic foxes are also found in Canada.

Arctic foxes live in the arctic regions of Canada, hence the name. The southern areas, such as Ontario and Manitoba, include grey foxes and swift foxes. 


Arctic foxes live in Iceland and in most other parts of the tundra. Arctic foxes are covered with thick fur and have it on their feet pads allowing them to survive the harsh cold winds of the arctic and avoid getting frostbite.

With the thick fur footpad, it’s also easy for it to walk on thick snow. Arctic foxes are the only land mammals in the Arctic. 


Kit foxes are usually found in Mexico. Foxes usually live in northern areas, but the kit foxes are found in parts of South America and Mexico. Swift foxes are now also seen in Mexico recently. 


Many parts of Russia have foxes. Red foxes are the most commonly seen foxes in Russia. They’re the most common. In the northern parts of Russia, you can also see Arctic foxes. Siberia is a Russian provenance, and many arctic foxes and red foxes live there. 


Many different types of foxes live in Africa. More than one species of desert fox live there, such as Ruppel’s foxes and fennec foxes, but the most common type of foxes are red foxes. 

Great Britain

London, Leeds, Bristol, and many other parts of Great Britain are known to be home to many urban foxes. Red foxes are also very common in Great Britain, and you can find them in the cities as well as forested areas. 


Australia is home to many red foxes. They’re called the Australian red fox there. However, red foxes aren’t native to Australia, but the English brought them there for hunting. 

Middle East

The Middle East and Arabia have many varying types of foxes. Red foxes, subspecies of red foxes that are only found in Arabia, such as the Arabian red fox and desert foxes, are found there. Fennec foxes and Ruppel’s foxes are also found in desert regions of Arabia.


Blandford’s fox, Tibetan fox, red fox, and the corsac fox, are some of the types of common fox types that are found In Asia.


Arctic foxes live in Norway, and they have adapted very well to live in the harsh climates and low temperatures of Norway.

What is the Home of a Fox Called?

Foxes live in dens which they build by digging in the sand, dirt, or snow, or they take an already made den from another animal. Foxes use these dens to store food, seek shelter, raise their young, and for mating.  


Foxes are highly adaptable and excellent hunters. They can eat anything and can adapt everywhere. They’re found on every continent besides Antarctica.

They can live in varying biomes and habitats. They’re found in almost every country across the world. Red foxes are the most common type of foxes in many countries. 

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