Can Wasps Eat Through Brick?

You may think about wasps and consider them confined to gardens only. But, before you know, wasps are leaving in your shed floor, in the crack of a brick wall and even in your loft. But how are they getting in? Can wasps eat through brick and other solid materials?

Yes, wasps can eat through brick. They can also eat through concrete, plastic, wood and plastic.

You are probably aware that there is a range of wasp species.

One specific wasp which can eat through brick is called the mason wasp. These wasps will bite through the mortar which is present between the bricks. Mason wasps are also known to nest and build burrows in other materials, including bricks. 

Can Wasps Nest Inside Bricks?

If you spot any wasps inside bricks, they are likely to be mason wasps. These wasps do not only eat through bricks but also build their nests inside.

However, these wasps are usually alone, and you may not have to worry about entire nests inside bricks.

Do Wasps Live in Brick Walls?

It can be surprising to find wasps living behind brick walls. These wasps get inside through voids, biting through the mortar and building nests. 

If you find any wasps inside your brick wall, there are a few ways you can get rid of them. For starters, you should not close any openings in the wall. The reason is that the wasps will only start making more holes in the walls.

Instead, you should apply some form of wasp killer, usually in powder or dust forms. The application should be done every day for several consecutive days. After applying the powder, you should cover the holes so the wasps do not get out. 

Can Wasps Eat Through Concrete?

A common name for wasps eating through different materials is digger wasps. As the name suggests, these wasps are famous for digging inside different materials. Other than brick walls, wasps also have the capability to eat through concrete.  

Can Wasps Eat Through Dry Wall

It sounds scary that you could find a swarm of wasps inside your drywall. However, wasps can indeed eat through the drywall. Wasps are known to build entire colonies inside walls. Wasps also use drywall for insulation if other materials are absent.

You can look out for some signs to know if there are wasps inside your drywall. For instance, you may notice wasps around your home, or there may be cracks in the walls. On the other hand, it is also common to hear buzzing noises from inside the wall – terrifying right?

If you find an entire wasp nest inside your wall, the best thing you can do is to call a professional. Many people are not familiar with wasps and how to get rid of them. Therefore, if you choose to take the matter into your own hands, you are likely to harm yourself.

Professionals have a way of dealing with pests like wasps by sealing the openings once they have injected a pesticide into the cavity. This will ensure that the wasps inside the walls are dead.  

What Else Can Wasps Eat Through? 

Terrifyingly, there are many other materials that wasps can eat through. Wasps will dig into materials to build nests and look for insulations. Here are some things which wasps can eat through:


One of the materials which wasps can chew through is wood. Certain species of wasps like yellow jackets like to chew through wood. These wasps use wood shavings to build their nests. 

Do Wasps Eat Wood


Wasps can also eat through plastic. However, this is only limited to any plastic covering or bags. Wasps cannot chew through plastic bottles. Therefore, you can use these bottles to trap wasps. Many people adopt this technique as wasps are unable to chew their way out. 


Wasps also have the tendency to bite through screens. However, it depends on what the screen is made from. Wasps can bite through wooden and plastic screens. However, if the screens are metal framed, then wasps will not be able to get through.


Many people try to fill the holes left by wasps using a sealant. However, wasps can even eat through the sealant, and it does nothing to deter them. 


It can come as a surprise that wasps can eat through different materials. But, can wasps eat through bricks? Yes, they can!

Wasps destroy bricks by eating the mortar. As a result, the foundation of the walls becomes weak. These insects can build entire nests inside walls, and therefore, you need the help of a professional if you are not familiar.

Other than bricks, wasps can also eat through the drywall. You can tell that you have wasps if you spot any nearby or hear buzzing sounds. Some other materials which do not stand a chance against wasps include sealant, screens, wood and plastic. 

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