What Are Wasps Attracted To?

Finding wasps in your garden can be a worrisome experience because of their painful sting – especially if you have children running around. The best way to deal with wasps is not to attract these insects in the first place. So, what are wasps attracted to?

Wasps are attracted to strong smells, bright colours, sugar and compost piles. 

Scents play an important role in attracting insects like wasps. There may be things in your garden like fruit trees or compost piles that will be drawing wasps in.

In addition, wasps are also drawn towards bright colours. Even brightly coloured furniture or anyone wearing bright clothes will attract wasps. 

What Scents Are Wasps Attracted to?

There are some scents that wasps are attracted towards. If you wish to avoid having these insects in your garden, it will help if you avoid having these scents in your garden. Here are some scents which attract wasps that you should know about:


You will see quite a few wasps around orchards because they are attracted to fruits. This is why you will also spot wasps in your garden if you have a fruit tree. Wasps like sweet things; hence, you will see them flying near the fruiting trees.

Wasps will also consume the rotten fruits which fall to the ground. If you wish to avoid this problem, it will help to clear any fallen fruit and place them in covered bins.

The problem with rotting fallen fruit is that the sugars become concentrated so the longer they are left, the more of a problem they can become.  


Sometimes, wasps will be attracted to the perfume you are wearing while sitting in your garden. There are many perfumes that have sweet notes to them. As a result, wasps may come near you because of the sweet smell. 

It will help if you are careful about the deodorant or perfume you use to avoid wasps, especially when you are going out in the garden or around a park where you have ample opportunity to get stung by wasps. 

Sweet Foods

If you leave anything remotely sweet sitting on your table outside then, before you know it, you’ll have attracted a swarm of wasps. They love anything full of sugar!

This is why it’s vital to clear away any leftovers after eating outside as soon as possible otherwise you risk encouraging wasps to take over.


It may come as a surprise, but wasps are attracted to chlorine. The reason why wasps like chlorine are because they are drawn towards strong odours.

If you’re fortunate to have a swimming pool and you leave it open at all times, it will attract wasps. 

Wasps can be territorial and can get defensive if someone tries to intrude. It is not wise to leave your swimming pool open as wasps can end up building their nests close by.

If you spot any wasps gathering near your swimming pool, you can create a fake nest. This nest will indicate that territory already exists, and they will be sure to vacate the area. 


Wasps are attracted to the smell of vinegar. This is helpful because you can use vinegar as bait to trap these insects. Wasps like smells that are strong and pungent, which is why vinegar is a great option. 

Why Are Wasps Attracted to Me?

Have you ever been having a good day, and wasps suddenly come at you? You may find that you attract wasps more than other people. The reason why wasps are taking an interest in you is your scent. 

A wasp doesn’t need to be in attack mode if they are flying around you. These insects will only attack you if you disturb them. While wasps are aggressive, they will not attack you for no reason. Sometimes you may disrupt the nest or a wasp unintentionally, which may lead them to think you mean harm. 

What Colours are Wasps Attracted to?

One aspect of wasps that people forget is their attraction to colour. These insects love bright colours and tend to stay close to bright ones. In addition to bright flowers, wasps will be drawn to brightly coloured objects. 

The most effective colours which attract wasps are yellow and green. It is no surprise that mostly nature comprises of these colours in flowers. Wasps have compound eyes, which allows them to see a range of colours.

There are some colours that may trigger wasps to attack you. For instance, dark colours like red and black can give the illusion that you are a predator. While you are wearing dark colours, wasps will not attack you immediately but may get defensive.

Since wasps are attracted and react towards certain colours, you may wonder what is safe to wear around these insects. The best way to repel wasps is to wear white.

There is no colour in white, and it will cause wasps to let you be. You may have seen beekeepers wearing white when dealing with bees, which is exactly why. 

In addition to white, you should also wear light colours. Your best bet is to opt for pastel and pale colours. Bright colours naturally stand out and are appealing to wasps. When you wear bright clothes, wasps may think of you like a flower.


There are many ways to get rid of wasps, but it would also be helpful to learn how not to attract them in the first place. Wasps are attracted to powerful smells, bright colours and open compost piles. 

Different scents can attract wasps to you. Some of these scents include vinegar, fruits, perfume and chlorine. It would be best not to wear bright clothes as wasps can mistake you for a flower. In addition, black and red can cause wasps to consider you a predator. The safe way to be around wasps is to wear white or pastels. 

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