Will Hairspray Kill Wasps?

While many gardeners enjoy having insects in their gardens, it can be a worry to have wasps buzzing around young children and pets. This is why some will resort to killing wasps. One option people reach for is hairspray. But, will hairspray kill wasps or not?

No, hairspray will not kill wasps. Hairspray will, however, knock wasps out. However, this can antagonise them further.

While hairspray may not kill wasps, it does not mean that it is useless.

You can use hairspray on wasps to hinder their mobility and then kill them. Hairspray will not kill wasps directly but will make them drop.

If you spot many wasps in your home or garden, you can spray them, and when they fall, kill them however you want. 

Can Hairspray Kill Wasp Nests?

If there is a wasp nest where you live, we advise getting the help of a professional. The reason is that many people do not have experience dealing with wasps and can hurt themselves. However, most people prefer to take matters into their own hands. 

One of the common ways to deal with wasps is to use hairspray on them. However, just like hairspray does not kill wasps, it will not harm the wasp nest in any way. If anything, it can anger wasps further.  

Is Hairspray Effective Against Wasps?  

You can use hairspray against wasps not to kill them but to knock them out. 

However, sometimes, hairspray can have the opposite effect and attract wasps. So, when you are setting out to kill the wasps around you, others in the air will follow.

The wasp you are trying to kill can also release pheromones which act as a signal to other wasps. You then have the danger of facing an entire wasp attack if you use hairspray. 

Despite this, some people resort to hairspray and then lighting the nest on fire. However, this is an incredibly dangerous approach and inhumane.

Is Hairspray the Best Repellant for Wasps?

Unfortunately, hairspray is not the best method you can use against wasps. Instead of repelling these insects, hairspray can attract them.

Hairspray can only immobilise the insects as it can cause the wings to stick together. However, if you do not kill the wasp after a while, the glue comes apart, and it can fly again. 

If there is a swarm or an entire nest of wasps, hairspray will not work. It does not include the necessary ingredients needed to kill wasps.

Instead, it would be best to get your hands on a bug spray, specifically designed to kill wasps and other pests. Even the bug spray may not be effective if you have a bug infestation.

Remember to be cautious when dealing with any wasps. Wasps will come after you in swarms, and there may not be enough time or spray to deal with them. 

Do Other Aerosols Kill Wasps?

If you spot any wasps, you can try using aerosols. However, it does not guarantee that the wasp will be dead. Like with hairspray, there is a possibility that the wasp will collapse to the ground. 

The spray acts as glue and will stick the wasp’s wings together. However, this does not mean that the wasp will die. When the wasp falls to the ground, you will have to kill it some other way.

If you notice a swarm of wasps or a nest in your garden, you may want to try spraying with an aerosol. This will cause the active wasps to fall to the ground, so you do not have to worry about getting stung. Again, please use extensive caution and, in most cases, opt for a professional service to deal with the problem.

Does Deodorant Kill Wasps?

Spotting wasps flying around is not the best sight, and in these desperate times, it is normal to grab anything close. Other than hairspray, some people have used deodorant on wasps

As with hairspray, deodorant is not effective enough to kill wasps. Deodorants do not have any chemicals that can kill wasps. The only ingredients in the deodorants are those used to mask body odour and reduce sweat by affecting sweat glands.

Deodorant will not kill any wasps but will certainly knock them down. 

This is related to spray deodorants as you can target any flying wasps. However, stick deodorants are ineffective against killing wasps and will not even knock them down. 


When you spot a wasp, you will do anything in your power to get rid of it. One of the ways people have used against wasps is hairspray. However, hairspray does not kill wasps but only knocks them out.

The hairspray causes the wings to stick, which affects the wasp’s flying abilities. 

Many people use different aerosols against wasps, such as cleaning products. However, these are ineffective in killing wasps as they do not have the necessary chemical.

You may, also, think of using a spray deodorant to kill wasps, but that will again only knock them down.

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