Does Fox Urine Repel Cats?

It is not easy to keep cats out of gardens as most of them are stubborn and persistent. Cats poop and pee in the soil and keep coming back to mark their territory. But can another animal’s urine deter them? Does fox urine repel cats, for example?

Yes, you can use fox urine to repel cats from your garden. Fox urine can actually be purchased online or in some specialist garden centres.

If you hear it for the first time, it comes as a surprise that fox urine could repel cats. However, fox urine is quite effective in discouraging cats from entering gardens.

The reason why fox urine works against cats is that it gives the illusion of a predator. Cats are then sure to stay away from that area. 

Where Do You Get Fox Urine?

One of the best things you can do for your garden is incorporate fox urine. In this way, you will deter cats that spoil the garden soil.

If you think you need to look for a fox for its urine then do not stress out! You can get your hands on fox urine in nearby gardening stores. Moreover, fox urine is also available online on various platforms such as Amazon.

Fox urine does not come in liquid form. Rather it is in granule form, which can be sprinkled around in your garden. 

If cats are coming into indoor areas like sheds, you can place the granules on a paper plate inside. Applying the granules twice a week for at least two weeks would be best to see effective results. 

Afterwards, you can continue with the application twice a month. It is important to ensure that you keep refreshing the application, so the method works. Fox urine packs need to be replaced every three months. Before the application, make sure you have fresh packs.

Does Other Animal Urine Deter Cats?

It may seem peculiar to know that fox urine can deter cats. You may find it unbelievable, but other animal urine can deter cats. 

For instance, you can use coyote urine in your garden too. Like fox urine, coyote urine is also available online and in gardening stores for you to repel cats. You can get this urine in powdered form, and it will help deter cats as they will believe a predator is nearby.

Other than coyote urine, wolf urine is also available. You can get this urine in heavy granules, so the rain or bad weather does not wash them away.

Does Coyote Urine Repel Cats?

Yes, coyote urine is known to deter cats from your garden. Of course, coyote urine is not exactly easy to obtain. It can be purchased from specialist online stores to use against cats.

Does Dog Urine Deter Cats?

If you have a pet dog, then their urine may work to deter cats. They will detect the smell of another animal’s urine, see it as a threat and avoid visiting the area.

Will Human Urine Deter Cats?

Discouraging cats from entering gardens can become quite the task, given that they are always determined to enter. Sometimes, a gardener has to try weird but effective ideas, and this is where animal urine comes in. However, one of the ways you can deter cats is by using human urine.

Cats hate urine because of its strong smell. Many animals, including cats, urinate in an area to mark their territory. There are some gardeners who claim that human urine also works to deter cats. And, if we apply some logic, it may be true!

Humans are mammals, after all, and when it comes to urine, other animals will view it in the same manner. Animals use urine to mark their territory, and while we as humans do not do the same, it can still give the illusion that some mammal has left their mark.

Cats are likely to take it as a sign and stay away from that area. 

In addition to the territory marking phenomenon, urine also has an ammonia scent associated with it. Human urine contains a lot of ammonia, which is the scent that cats hate as it is quite pungent.

However, for human urine to work against cats, it is important to ensure that it is fresh as the smell can fade. If you wish to use urine to repel cats, you can create a mix and spray it around the perimeter of your garden or any spots where cats visit the most. 

However, it is worth knowing that all cats are different and will react differently to urine. Whatever method works for one cat may not for the other. While some cats may hate the smell of urine, it will not affect others. 

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Is Using Urine as a Repellent Effective?

When thinking about repelling cats, using urine may be the last thing on your mind. However, there are many gardeners who swear by using animal and human urine to keep cats out. One prevalent problem with using urine is the smell.

While commercial animal urine may not have the smell, human urine will definitely make your garden smell like a toilet.

In addition, it makes no sense to have your garden stink when you cannot assess the effectiveness of the method. As aforementioned, all cats react differently to urine, and there may be a chance that cats still keep coming to your garden.


One of the ways you can stop cats from entering your garden is by using fox urine. This gives the illusion to cats that there is a predator nearby, and hence, they avoid the area.

Other urine you can try include coyote and wolf. You can get urine granules from online stores or gardening shops in your area.

You can also use human urine to create a mix to deter cats. However, one problem with using human urine is the smell, and it may not work for all cats.

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