Does Lion Manure Deter Cats?

Just because you want to deter cats from your garden does not mean you’re heartless. You may even like cats – just not when they litter in your garden. There are many methods on the internet regarding deterring cats from gardens. The most surprising way you will learn to deter cats is using lion manure. But does it work?

Yes, lion manure does deter cats. You can use lion manure to deter cats from your garden. Sprinkle it over the soil and it will give off the smell of lion dung which scares cats away. 

While some people may find it odd to use another animal’s dung to deter cats, it is truly an effective way in most cases. When cats smell lion manure in your garden, they will think that another big animal has come into their area.

Cats will understand that there is a big feline in their territory and proceed to exit immediately. Therefore, people prefer to use lion manure in their gardens over other remedies.

Does Lion Manure Smell?

It makes sense that many people avoid using lion manure because they assume that it will smell. What is the point of using something which will make things worse for you? However, there are brands of lion manure sold especially to deter cats.

You can find lion manure in the form of pellets. You can use these pellets in your garden without worrying about smell. While the pellets will not smell bad to humans, the cats will find them repulsive and avoid your garden.

The pellets tend to be soaked in the smell of lion manure. You don’t actually buy raw, neat lion poop over the internet – don’t worry!

You do not need to worry about the pellets being a cause of harm to your garden because they are environmentally friendly. The other benefit is that one application tends to last for 2 to 3 months depending on the weather.

Silent Roar Lion Manure is one of the most known brands of lion manure you can buy.

Is Lion Manure Always Effective in Deterring Cats?

Cats will smell lion manure and avoid the area because they are afraid of a big feline being present. While the science behind using lion manure checks out, unfortunately, it may not always be effective. However, many people advocate for lion manure and its success rate in deterring cats.

The reviews for lion manure only show that while it may do wonders for some people, it is not likely to work out for others. Not all cats will smell lion manure and think to flee. Some cats will not stop coming to your garden even if you have laid out lion manure.

In addition to this, you cannot use lion manure as a fertilizer. This is because lion manure comes in the form of pellets which the rain can easily wash away.

Unfortunately, it is not guaranteed that every method will work 100% of the time and deter cats, and the same is the case with using lion manure.

Does Lion Poo Really Keep Cats Away?

The logic of why lion poo keeps cats away does make sense. But that doesn’t mean it is 100% effective. If you decide to use lion poo to deter cats then be prepared for it not to work, unfortunately.

Is Lion Poo Snake Oil?

Not necessarily. Although it sounds a little too good to be true, lion poo from a reputable brand in the form of pellets can be effective when deterring cats. As with many deterrents, it is a case of preparing for it not to work. Some cats will simply ignore lion poop pellets, unfortunately.

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Where Is Lion Manure Available?

If you are looking for lion manure in local stores, it can be a bit of a task. Lion manure is not easily available locally. Moreover, many local store owners have never even heard about using lion manure as a cat repellent.

You can easily find lion manure online. Nevertheless, it would help if you stayed wary of scammers that may not sell the real thing. If this is your first time purchasing lion manure, we suggest confirming with an experienced gardener if the product you are buying is the real thing.

Moreover, it is important to do your homework and figure out how to differentiate lion manure from other kinds.

One of the best places to purchase it is, of course, Amazon, where you’ll get you’re buying and can confirm this by reading the countless reviews:


One unusual method in deterring cats that many people do not know about is lion manure. People use lion manure in their gardens to prevent cats from entering and spoiling them. The science behind using lion manure is that when cats smell it, they will realize another big feline in the area.

Therefore, the thought of another feline will make cats avoid the area. While using lion manure sounds like a good idea, many people avoid it because they assume it will smell. However, that is not the case.

Lion manure available for gardens comes in the form of pellets – you don’t have to go to your local zoo to collect it! Fortunately for humans, lion manure pellets do not smell; however, for cats, they are pungent. Moreover, the pellets do not harm the garden in any manner. However, it is not guaranteed that lion manure pellets will work.

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