Why Do Cats Hate Cucumbers?

You may have seen many videos circulating on the internet starring cucumbers and cats. It seems funny to picture a feline fearing a vegetable. But why do cats hate cucumbers, and how can that help us deter them?

Cats hate cucumbers because it reminds them of a snake. It would be better to say that cats fear cucumbers more than they hate them.

Cats have an inherent fear of snakes, and they avoid them at every opportunity.

Therefore, if cats ever cross a cucumber’s path, they instinctively become alert and panic. As a result, many people recommend planting cucumbers in gardens so cats avoid coming into them. 

What Does a Cucumber Do to a Cat?

When a cat encounters a cucumber, it jumps out of fear. Cats will try to run away as far as possible from the cucumber. 

Cats have such a strong reaction to a cucumber that they have become popular videos on the internet. The cucumber hack is great for people looking to keep cats out of their gardens.

Many gardeners complain about cats intruding and using their soil to poop. While there is no animosity towards cats, when they poop in the garden, it is bad for the existing plants and certainly a considerable frustration.

Many people have resorted to keeping cucumbers in their gardens. After seeing the videos, people either grow cucumbers or buy fake ones.

If you grow cucumbers for the sole purpose of keeping cats out, you may not get to consume them.

The other drawback is that the cucumbers can turn bad quickly. Instead, you can get fake cucumbers that will last longer, imitate a real cucumber, and scare cats away. 

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How to Use Cucumbers to Deter Cats

The good news is that you can use this rather hilarious information to deter cats from entering your garden once and for all.

The simple solution is to place a cucumber wherever cats are known to enter your garden or areas they often visit – for example, a particular flower bed or vegetable box.

The method couldn’t be easier: Get a cucumber and stick it on the ground where you want to deter cats.

As mentioned already, you will need to keep replacing the cucumber as it rots. The other option is to purchase a rubber or plastic cucumber which can be used for months.

Is Cucumber Bad for Cats?

Since cats fear cucumbers, many people wish to know if they are bad for them. Unfortunately, many plants deter cats, and at the same time, they can be poisonous to them. 

However, cucumbers are not bad for cats. Cats are carnivores and are not naturally inclined to consume vegetables and fruits. However, there are instances when cats consume plants and vegetables.

Many cat owners have spoken about the benefits that cucumbers entail. But at the same time, these owners give cucumbers to their cats in a special manner by peeling and cutting them – when they no longer look like a snake!

Snakes Cucumbers Cats

You do not need to worry about planting cucumbers and cats becoming drawn to them. Cats are more attracted to plants with strong scents, and cucumbers have a subtle scent.

Having cucumbers in your garden is an easy way to keep cats out. 


If you still have questions about cucumbers and their ability to scare off cats, then you need to check out these FAQs:

Why Do Cats Jump at Cucumbers?

If a cat comes across a cucumber accidentally, it will jump out of fear of it. This is because instinctively, they think it might be a snake so their first reaction is to panic.

Are Cats Scared of Snakes?

Yes! Cats are terrified of snakes. They are technically a predator of cats. This goes some way to explaining why they are so scared of cucumbers which look like a snake.

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