How to Make a Garlic Spray for Slugs

While there are chemicals available, such as slug pellets, for dealing with a slug problem, you can always opt for natural options. One such option of getting rid of slugs is using garlic spray. Here’s our guide on how to make a garlic spray for slugs:

You can make garlic spray for slugs by boiling some smashed garlic in water and mixing other ingredients in such as soap to make it stronger. 

Slugs do not like the smell of garlic. Therefore, you can create a garlic spray for slugs to get rid of them.

Can You Spray Garlic on Plants?

While using slug pellets is effective, they are quite harmful to wildlife. In addition, other methods may cause damage to plants. Therefore, it is always in a gardener’s best interest to use natural methods to get rid of slugs. 

Garlic may come off as strong to you because of its smell. However, a garlic spray is safe to use on plants. Using garlic spray is a much better option than some of the chemicals available. This spray will keep slugs and other pests away without causing damage to your plants. 

Moreover, garlic is also non-toxic, so it will not harm other animals in the ecosystem. However, it is best to take precautions still when using a garlic spray. The spray is strong and can sometimes irritate your eyes, so it is important to handle it with care and wash your hands after you use it.

If you have pets or children, you must also keep them away from plants if they have been freshly sprayed with garlic. 

Garlic is great for plants because, in addition to repelling pests, it also prevents fungus. Garlic is an active sulfur component that works against fungus forming on your plants.

Do Slugs Like Garlic?

Slugs do not like garlic which is why it is so effective in getting rid of them. Slugs do not like the strong smell of garlic and avoid it all costs. Incorporating garlic into your garden routine will keep your plants safe. 

Apart from making a spray, you can also grow garlic in your garden. If you have any vulnerable plants, you can place them near your garlic plant. 

What Are Some Other Ways to Use Garlic?

If you are not keen on making a garlic spray, there are other ways you can use garlic to get rid of slugs. What is great about using garlic is that it is versatile, and you can utilise it in different ways. You can choose whatever works best for you. 

Fresh Garlic

There is nothing like the smell of crushed, fresh garlic that will keep the slugs at bay. When you crush garlic, it will release its scent as well as oils. The garlic appears to be much stronger to slugs, making it an excellent repellant. 

You can take some crushed pieces of garlic and put them on top of the soil. Then, any slug which passes your garden will be sure to avoid the soil.

Garlic Salt 

We all know that slugs and salt do not go together. So, to make garlic more effective, you can use garlic salt. The method is simple: You only need to sprinkle some garlic salt around your plants, so any slug which attempts to climb, encounters the salt.

In the process, the salt will dry the slug, causing it to die. 

Garlic Powder

A common kitchen ingredient we all know about is garlic powder. In addition to adding flavour to our food, garlic powder also makes an excellent slug deterrent.

You can sprinkle some of the powder on the soil and the plants and their leaves. Garlic contains allicin which is known to tackle slugs.

Garlic Plants

Growing garlic plants is an effective way to deal with your slug problem. Not only can you use the garlic plant, but you will also be keeping the slugs away.

It is important to protect the more vulnerable plants in your garden. To provide these plants protection, you can interplant strong plants like garlic that keep pests away.

These are some of the ways you can use garlic. While some gardeners opt to use a spray, others like to use different ways to tackle slugs.


Slugs are harmful to gardens, causing trouble to gardeners. Seeing holes in your leaves is a great way to determine if you have these slimy pets in your garden. While you do have the option of opting for chemicals, you can also explore using natural ways to get rid of slugs, and one of them includes garlic spray.

Garlic is a strong ingredient that slugs do not like. Moreover, when slugs encounter garlic oil, they wither and die. 

You can create a garlic spray by crushing some garlic and mixing it with water. You can also add other ingredients like pepper to the garlic spray. Using garlic is safe for plants and works well for other things like preventing fungus.

There are also other ways you can use garlic instead of making a spray. For example, you can put crushed garlic on the soil, grow garlic plants, garlic salt, and garlic powder.

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