Does Catmint Deter Cats?

There are a few tricks to deter cats, mostly revolving around strong scents which they hate. But you can also use scents that cats love in your garden to keep it safe. So, does catmint deter cats or does it actually attract them?

No, catmint does not deter cats. In fact, catmint attracts cats, but you can plant it in a manner that will help you avoid the damage they do. 

Cats are obsessed with catmint, as it acts like a drug for them. Usually, the way to go would be to grow plants that cats hate.

But you can also grow lots of catmint, which will keep the cats so occupied that they will forget about your other plants. You can dedicate a section of your garden to catnip, so the cats remain in one place only. 

Is Catmint Safe for Cats?

Catmint is a type of mint which is safe for cats to consume. Although, catmint can pose health problems if consumed excessively. Therefore, moderation is the key, as excessive catnip can cause cats to fall sick.

What Does Catmint do to Cats?

Cats are obsessed with the smell of nepetalactone, which can be found in catmint. This is why catmint can send them crazy!

Catnip Attracts Cats

Are Cats Attracted to Catmint?

As the name suggests, catmint does attract cats. Although, the level of attraction and the effect it has on cats is not similar to catnip. Cats love catnip because of Nepetalactone, which is also found in catmint but in fewer quantities. 

When it comes to catnip and catmint both, not all cats are attracted to them. These plants may drive most cats crazy, but for some, they may do nothing. 

Does Catmint Attract Cats to Your Garden?

One thing you should be wary of is that it will attract cats to your garden. 

As aforementioned, catmint includes Nepetalactone which can affect the cat’s neuro system, making them addicted. A good way to utilise catmint is to lure cats into a certain section of your garden, so they do not attack your other vulnerable plants.

For instance, you can grow catmint at the beginning of your garden, so the cats remain there without moving forward, and your plants remain safe from damage. 

What Are the Differences Between Catnip and Catmint?

If you plan on growing plants in your garden, it is important to go for the right one. Many people confuse catnip for catmint, but there are a few differences between them. Both the plants have certain differences and similarities that you must know about to decide which is the right one for your garden. 

Catmint takes a while to grow, around two to five years fully. On the other hand, catnip is easy to grow and does pretty quickly.

Cats react differently to both catnip and catmint. You can grow both the plants in containers or borders. In addition, you will find that catnip and catmint do not require any extra maintenance. 

If you are worried about harming cats, you must know that catmint does not have any side effects. However, consuming excessive amounts of catnip can cause health issues like diarrhoea.

What Other Plants Attract Cats?

Apart from catmint, you can also grow other plants to attract cats. Most people do not like the hassle of using different ways to deter cats.

Hence, the easier thing to do in some cases is to grow plants like catmint to attract cats, so they do not harm your plants. Here are some plants which you can plant in your garden: 


Catnip belongs to the mint family like catmint. It can be surprising to know that not all cats are attracted to catnip. Nevertheless, catnip affects most cats’ nervous systems, giving them the feeling of being drugged.

Cats love to consume catnip, and it is non-toxic, like catmint and unlike other members of the mint family. In addition, you will find that catnip is easy to grow. 

Valerian Root 

One famous plant that cats love is the valerian root. This plant has white flowers, and the root is planted in gardens as it attracts pollinators. Cats love to consume valerian root because it stimulates them the same way catnip does. 

Cat Thyme 

Cat thyme has small flowers in white or pink colour. Many people like to grow cat thyme for medicinal and cooking purposes.

But you can also grow cat thyme in your dedicated corner to distract any cats that trespass your garden from causing any real damage to it. Usually, cats who are not attracted to catnip will like cat thyme. 

Cat Grass

Another option for your garden is to grow cat grass. You have options when it comes to cat grass which includes wheat, barley, and oat.

Although cat grass does not stimulate cats like catnip or catmint, cats do like to consume grass occasionally. 


The key to a healthy garden is also to keep pests out. When it comes to cats, there are plenty of ways to deter them. However, some people do not like the hassle of using different methods. Therefore, growing plants that cats like is a way to distract them from harming your garden.

One such plant which helps to attract cats is catmint. 

Catmint will attract cats to your garden. You can dedicate a specific section so the cats do not move ahead from it. A great thing about catmint is that it is easy to grow and non-toxic.

While people believe catmint and catnip are the same, but there are a few differences. For example, catmint takes a while to grow, but catnip grows quickly. In addition to catmint, you can also grow other plants like valerian root, cat grass, cat thyme, and catnip. 

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