6 Slug Resistant Hostas

If you are a gardener, you know about the beauty which hostas can add. Hostas comprise foliage with different colours, textures and come in various sizes. However, like many other plants, they get attacked by slugs. So are there any slug resistant hostas?

Yes, there are a number of slug resistant hostas you can plant including Hosta June and Hosta Halcyon.

Since hostas need to be in shady areas, they become susceptible to slug damage. Slugs are slimy little pests, which hide in shady areas and destroy plants.

Many gardeners prefer to have hostas they can keep out in the sun to avoid slug damage. Not all hostas are great at thriving in the sun, but there are some that have a better chance.

When it comes to cooler regions, hostas can survive more in sunlight as opposed to hotter regions. It is important to look out for hostas if you are keeping them out in the sun, as they can easily lose moisture. Therefore, giving water and soaking the roots can keep hostas healthy in the sun, along with avoiding slug damage. 

So, Which Hostas are Slug Resistant?

Here are some options of slug resistant hostas you can grow in your garden: 

Hosta June 

You can recognize hosta June by its blue and green leaves. The leaf colours add beauty to any garden and the morning sun really enhances the colour.

Hosta June is great because it is able to tolerate up to four hours of sun time. In addition, you are good to go if you are new to gardening because this hosta is low-maintenance and does not require any extra care. 

Hosta June also consists of thick, ribbed leaves, which is why they are able to resist slugs. Hosta June adds beauty to gardens, but the lavender flowers that bloom and attract hummingbirds, which is great for pollination.

Krossa Regal

Another hosta you can add to your garden is the Krossa Regal. This hosta is perfect because it is tall enough to avoid slugs. The slugs are discouraged from climbing the plant because of the height and, therefore, do not damage the leaves. 

This hosta would look perfect in the corner of your house or alongside pathways. The plant has vase-shaped leaves, which are greenish-blue in colour, which add the perfect pop of colour.


Halcyon is another hardy hosta that has shown resistance to slugs, especially as they mature. The plant is blue-green in colour and has flat leaves shaped like pears.

The leaves are thick and ribbed, and the plant is able to tolerate the sun for four hours or even more, given it has enough moisture. 

While the plant in the shade has a dark colour, it can lighten in the sun. Halcyon also has violet flowers midsummer. 

Sum and Substance 

If you are blessed with plenty of room in your garden, you can plant Sum and Substance. These hostas grow to be quite tall, which is why they need a bit of space. Sum and Substance can grow to be five feet tall and more. 

Like all hostas, Sum and Substance require moisture. Otherwise, it can stunt their growth. Sum and Substance have waxy leaves, which is probably why they repel slugs in addition to their height.

In addition, the hosta will add wonderful variety to your garden without you having to worry about slugs.

Maui Buttercups 

You can get these hostas in the early springtime. The leaves are wonderful, of a lime green colour, and when placed in the sun, they turn yellow-golden.

In addition, the texture of the leaves is thick, ribbed and leathery, which work best against slugs. Moreover, these hostas can tolerate a maximum of four hours of sun time.

You can grow these hostas either in containers or make a beautiful border. During midsummer, you will be pleased to see white flowers on the plant, which only make your garden appear charming. 

Royal Standard

Another hardy option for having hostas in your garden is the Royal Standard. This hosta has green leaves and quite the foliage. In addition, you will be glad to see white flowers late in the summer.

As with other hostas, Royal Standard also needs moisture. This hosta can tolerate six hours and more of sunlight with no damage to the leaves with sufficient moisture. 


Having hostas in your garden is a wonderful sight. However, these plants prefer the shade, which is why they are susceptible to slug damage. Some hostas are resistant to slug damage, such as Hosta June, Sum and Substance, Halcyon, Maui Buttercups and Royal Standard. 

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