Do Slugs Like Bark Chippings?

An important component when it comes to gardens comprises the kind of mulch you use. As a gardener, you’re probably aware that there are several choices of mulch from which you can choose, one of them being bark chippings. But do slugs like bark chippings? And will it attract them?

No, slugs do not like bark chippings which is why bark chippings make a great mulch for preventing slugs.

If you are afraid of attracting slugs in your garden or are already dealing with a problem, it would be best to use bark chippings. These chippings do not attract slugs, as there is nothing they can feed on as opposed to garden compost or manure, which slugs love. 

Do Bark Chippings Deter Slugs?

Slugs can cause extensive damage to plants. A few slugs in your garden will not hurt; however, the damage can get out of control if the infestation increases. It becomes essential to take measures to deter slugs from gardens. 

One way to deter slugs is to use the right mulch. Many people mistake going for organic options like garden compost or manure. However, these options can become breeding grounds for slugs too quickly as they are edible. 

The best thing you can do is use bark chippings as mulch to deter slugs.

Bark chippings prove to be an uncomfortable experience for slugs as they try to crawl over them. Bark chippings are inedible so slugs will not be attracted to them. Often slugs are hiding under mulch if you use natural materials like leaves or compost.

With bark chippings, you do not need to worry about slugs hiding. 

Does Woodchip Deter Slugs?

With so many different options of mulch out there, it can be difficult to put the finger on just one. A popular choice of mulch includes woodchips. These are beneficial for the soil, keeping it moist.

But woodchips are not a good choice if you are looking for something that deters slugs. Slugs are attracted to woodchips, and while they may not consume them, they will certainly find shelter under them. 

What Mulch Deters Slugs?

As a gardener, you may know that you cannot avoid mulch however much you want to. There are some kinds of mulch that attract slugs, but you can always use materials slugs hate.

Other than using bark chippings, there are multiple options of mulch. The key is to use anything which is dry and rough, as slugs do not like it.

The reason slugs thrive in gardens is due to the wet soil, which makes it easy for them to glide. Therefore, it only makes sense to use rough material such as mulch, anything with sharp edges that would be uncomfortable for slugs. 


You can deter slugs by using sharp materials such as eggshells. We tend to throw eggshells away, thinking they are of no use.

However, you can utilize eggshells by crushing them and sprinkling them on the soil. You can place the eggshells near your vulnerable plants. 

Sawdust and Wood Shavings

Another great option apart from eggshells is to use wood shavings or sawdust. Slugs detest dry surfaces and materials, which is exactly why these are perfect.

However, it is possible that sawdust and wood shavings may not be effective when they interact with the wet soil. Hence, instead of keeping slugs away, they only invite them in.


Sometimes the best ingredient in your kitchen can also be a great problem solver. You can use coffee grounds in your garden as mulch. Slugs keep away from coffee grounds due to the strong smell and the rough texture. 

Sheep Wool

A great way you can retain the moisture of the soil and deter slugs at the same time is by using untreated sheep wool.

The wool works by absorbing moisture and retaining it. Moreover, the texture of the wool slows slugs down as they glide over it. Using sheep wool will not have to water your garden often. However, the sheep wool will be of no use if it rains heavily.


Speaking of sharp materials, seashells can be used to deter snails. If you crush seashells, they will be sharp enough to cause discomfort to slug as they glide on the soil. Hence, these pests will be sure to keep out of your garden, keeping your plants safe. 

Above are some of the things you can use in your garden as mulch. Natural materials like garden compost or manure are known to attract slugs, and it would be best to avoid them. 


An important part of maintaining a garden includes using the right mulch. Mulch is essential as it maintains the moisture of the soil. However, mulch sometimes attracts pests like slugs. The key is to use the correct mulch.

The most common material used as mulch includes bark chippings. Bark chippings can be uncomfortable for slugs when they glide over them. Moreover, slugs will not be able to hide under bark chippings as opposed to natural mulch like manure or compost leaves. 

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