Does Vaseline Stop Slugs?

Slugs are a recurring problem for many gardeners. No matter how much you try to get rid of these pests, they always seem to find their way back in. One of the major issues is that they climb pots and containers. So, does Vaseline stop slugs? And how does it stop them climbing?

Yes, vaseline can stop slugs from attacking plants and, in particular, prevent slugs from climbing up pots and containers.

It can surprise some people, but Vaseline is excellent at keeping slugs away and protecting your potted plants. Slugs are excellent climbers, which is why most plants fall victim to them. However, by using Vaseline, you can prevent slugs from climbing as they will not be able to establish a firm grip. 

You know how lubricating Vaseline is. This is why Vaseline is often used. It makes everything slippery and smooth. Can you imagine trying to drag yourself a long a floor of Vaseline? This is exactly what it would be like for slugs.

How Do You Use Vaseline to Deter Slugs?

Using Vaseline to deter slugs is one of the easiest and most convenient forms of slug control. This method is easy, but it does not cost as much as pesticides. 

You can use Vaseline in your garden by applying it to plant pots. This will stop slugs from climbing them as the slippery Vaseline will not let the slugs develop a grip. Hence, slugs will always keep slipping from the plant pots, and your plants will remain safe. 

In addition, you can also put Vaseline on the long stalks of the plants you have. Slugs do not just stop climbing plant pots, but they are also known to climb plant stalks, bamboo canes and plant obelisks.

By applying Vaseline to these stalks and supports, you will ensure that the slugs do not reach the top to eat the flowers. 

Moreover, you can also mix salt and Vaseline to create a stronger front against slugs. While the Vaseline prevents slugs from forming a strong grip, the salt will enter the slug’s body and dehydrate it.

Slugs need their slime to function as it allows them to move. However, when encountered with salt, the slugs will have a hard time surviving, as they will lose moisture. As a result, slugs will not be able to move at all, search for food and die eventually.

Drawbacks of Using Vaseline

Unfortunately, it’s not all good news! There are some negatives to using Vaseline. It works really well (which is already a great benefit), but if you have 10, 20 or 30 pots then you’re going to need a lot of Vaseline to protect your pots.

The other negative is that it will wash away in the rain or dry up in the sun which does mean you need to regularly reapply the Vaseline for it to be effective. This is why copper tape can work better as a barrier for pots and containers as it will not get impacted by any form of weather and will usually last the entire slug season.

What Does Copper Do To Slugs

Can Slugs Crawl Over Vaseline?

An effective way to keep slugs away from your plants is to use something which prevents them from crossing over. Using Vaseline is effective in this case because slugs cannot crawl over it.

To be able to move forward, slugs require a strong grip on the surface. However, when using Vaseline on plant pots or other surfaces, the grease prevents slugs from getting that grip as it lubricates the surface. 

Therefore, you can keep your potted plants safe from slug damage. Slugs also love climbing tall plants to get to the flowers. You can keep these plants safe by putting Vaseline on the stalks, so the slugs will keep slipping and not climb further. 


You can use Vaseline in your garden to stop the slugs from damaging your plants. The Vaseline does not let the slugs as it is slippery and prevents slugs from obtaining a strong grip. You can use Vaseline on plant pots where slugs are known to climb.

In addition, applying Vaseline to tall plants can also prevent slugs from climbing. Moreover, you can mix Vaseline and salt to create a strong barrier. The Vaseline will prevent the slug from moving while the salt will dehydrate it. 

Other than Vaseline, there are other natural ways you can deter slugs or get rid of them. Some of the ways include organic slug pellets, coffee grounds, eggshells, citrus baits, and beer traps. 

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