How to Make a Slug Trap

Are you currently dealing with a slug problem? The most common solution that may come to your mind is slug pellets. However, you can adopt other natural ways to get rid of slugs, one of them being a slug trap. Here’s our guide on how to make a slug trap:

You can make a slug trap easily at home. All you need is a plastic bottle, a pair of scissors and some beer.

People create slug traps in different ways, but the most common one involves using beer. As the slugs are attracted to what you put inside the container, they get in and drown.

You can leave out slug traps in your garden at night and check them in the morning for some trapped slugs. 

All you need to do is cut off the bottom of a bottle, pour in some beer and then semi-bury it into the ground so that slugs can climb in but struggle to get back out. Simple!

What Do You Put in a Slug Trap

As aforementioned, a slug trap comprises a container with something inside which attracts slugs. Many people usually opt for beer as it attracts slugs. However, there are other options you can put inside the slug trap. 

As slugs like to munch on vegetables, you can put old salad leaves, spinach, and cabbage into your trap. In addition, any kitchen leftovers are also a good option. Also, the other thing you put in your slug trap is cucumbers or orange and lemon peel. 

While there are many options to put in your slug trap, people often make the mistake of putting seasoned food inside the slug trap. You must refrain from putting any seasoned meat or vegetables inside the slug trap.

Food attracts more than just slugs, and you do not want any unwanted attention from rats. Therefore, resort to using plain vegetables which slugs like. 

What Liquid Attracts Slugs the Best?

Usually, when working with slug traps, people opt for putting beer inside them because it attracts slugs well.

Slugs are attracted to beer in the trap, and in an attempt to get close, will drown in it and die. For attracting slugs, you can use non-alcoholic beer too. Many gardeners use beer and swear by its success rate. 

If you do not have access to beer, other liquids attract slugs. You can use milk in the beer trap instead of beer. Milk is easily accessible and is found in our home. Other than milk, you can also use a yeast mixture. Slugs are attracted towards yeast and usually any sugary liquids. 

Can Beer and Yeast Traps Be Dangerous?

Beer and yeast traps are well-known ways to attract slugs. However, while these ingredients are quite helpful, using them can be dangerous. 

You will often find that beer and yeast may attract other animals apart from slugs. The smell of the ingredients travels a great distance, attracting pests from other gardens. You may only be escalating the pest problem you have in your garden. 

When you use a beer trap, some slugs may drown. However, not all the slugs die through this method. With the number of undead slugs you attract from the neighborhood, you will face an increase in the slug population. 

How to Make Slug Traps Attractive 

You will find that there is more than one kind of slug trap. Some of the slug traps will not only hold the slugs but also kill them. A beer slug trap kills the captured slugs. On the other hand, some slug traps only capture slugs, and you have to release them later. 

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Whichever slug trap you use, it is important to create the correct environment, so slugs are attracted to it. Slugs like to be in damp, wet places. Therefore, you must ensure that the place you plan on trapping slugs or locating the trap should be moist.

In addition, it should also be in the shade as slugs avoid direct light. 

It is also essential to ensure that the place is safe from slug predators. Some slug predators common in gardens include birds and hedgehogs. Therefore, the place should be well hidden from these predators, so the slugs do not feel threatened. 


Looking at the holes in your leaves will make you realize that you have slugs in your garden. Having slugs is a major problem and getting rid of them is not easy. Apart from slug pellets which are known to cause harm to the environment, you can use slug traps.

For a slug trap, you need a container and fill it with attractants, usually beer, to attract slugs. The slugs are drawn towards the beer and then drown as it attempts to taste it. 

Apart from the beer, there are other liquids that attract slugs. For example, you can use milk instead of beer or a mixture of yeast and water. Slugs are attracted towards anything which is sweet. Therefore, you have options. 

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