Do Squirrels Feel Pain?

If you have a garden, the sight of squirrels running around comes naturally to you. Squirrels look adorable, but they can cause problems as they damage plants and attack other garden animals. Therefore, it all comes down to getting rid of squirrels, repelling them from entering your garden. It is best to take measures that will not harm squirrels and cause damage to their health. 

Squirrels, like humans, feel pain when something hurts them. 

An animal that does not feel pain is not capable of knowing what hurts them. Therefore, an animal that does not feel pain will not be able to avoid dangerous situations. The animal will not know that it is hurting itself if something harmful is happening to it. Squirrels feel pain, but they may not feel it the same way as humans. Some senses may come off as stronger than others for squirrels. 

Do Squirrels Have Feelings?

Squirrels do have feelings, but they may not have the same amount of depth that humans do. The one thing you can learn from squirrels, though, is frustration. Squirrels feel as frustrated as humans, so that we can empathize with them on that part. 

However, humans can express their feelings through their faces. On the contrary, squirrels do not show their feelings through their face but can do so with their actions. For instance, squirrels searching for food and not finding any can leave them frustrated, causing them to swish their tails around. 

Another indication that a squirrel is frustrated is if it shows aggression. For example, when looking or digging for bulbs, the squirrel may get aggressive and continue to dig harder. Also, another way squirrels use their body language is to communicate. For example, these mammals tend to stomp their feet as an indication that a predator is nearby. These are just a few things that indicate that squirrels have feelings but to a certain extent only. 

Can a Squirrel Be Sad?

Squirrels can appear to present different emotions. You have to observe them. Although squirrels do get sad, they do not go to the extent as humans do. Animals feel emotions differently and do not reach the level of depth that humans may experience. 

In solitude, squirrels can get sad because they require a lot of mental stimulation. But, again, squirrels may not get lonely like humans, but they like sleeping with other squirrels. Therefore, interaction is important. Otherwise, squirrels can become quite depressed. 

If left alone, squirrels can get depressed to the point where they adopt weird habits. For example, a depressed squirrel may begin to overgroom itself and can even resort to self-mutilation. 

Can a Squirrel Cry?

When a squirrel is feeling distressed, it will cry. A squirrel can make the crying call for various reasons. For instance, spotting a predator will make squirrels cry to alert the others. Moreover, when a squirrel is hurt and has sustained injuries, it will make a crying sound due to the pain. 

It is important to remember that not all squirrels will make the crying sound for the same reason. Different species of squirrels will make crying sounds for different reasons. For example, baby squirrels can make crying sounds if they feel hungry and need their mother. At the same time, the babies can also make the same sound when they feel threatened. 

How Do Squirrels Communicate

It is a fact that squirrels have feelings and emotions. Hence, these small mammals also communicate their emotions in various ways. While squirrels do not show expressions on their face, they communicate through their body language and their noises.

Squirrels are territorial animals and will threaten anyone that attempts to take over. To threaten other animals, squirrels make a screeching sound to try and intimidate them. The screeching sound acts as a warning to intruders indicating them to go away.

Another sound that squirrels make is the warning call. This sound is usually when a squirrel is warning others about a predator that is in the vicinity. Before making the warning or alarm call, the squirrel will first swish its tail around. In addition, the kind of warning call which squirrels make indicates whether the predator is on land or water. 

When a predator is nearby, squirrels switch to making different kinds of warning calls. These kinds of warning calls are like barks. 

Baby squirrels also make sounds when they wish to communicate, especially with their mothers. For example, a baby squirrel will make the muk muk sound when hungry and wants to be fed. However, baby squirrels are not born with great vocals and barely make any sound. However, a squirrel’s vocals take no time to develop, and by the time it is three weeks, it can make some sounds. 

When baby squirrels feel threatened and feel they are in danger, they will make shrill screaming sounds. The sounds are high frequency, loud enough to reach the mother, letting her know that the babies are in danger. 


It is not easy to get rid of squirrels from your garden because you do not want to hurt them. Squirrels feel pain, although not in the same way that humans do. There are some emotions that squirrels feel more and less. If squirrels could not feel any pain, they would have a hard time getting out of dangerous situations where they could get hurt. 

If there is one feeling which squirrels feel strong, it is of frustration. Squirrels tend to get easily frustrated, and humans can empathize with that. For example, when a squirrel searches for food only to find none, it will swish its tail around to show it is frustrating. In addition, squirrels make certain noises to communicate their feelings. For instance, a squirrel will make crying noises if it is hurt or feels it is in danger. Baby squirrels also make crying noises when they are hungry and wish to be fed. Different species of squirrels make different noises for the same thing.

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