Do Ultrasonic Devices Deter Squirrels?

Ultrasonic devices are used by many gardeners to repel pests without altering their lawns in any way. But do these ultrasonic devices deter squirrels?

Ultrasonic devices do work to deter squirrels provided that it emits a noise at a frequency that squirrels find discomforting. It’s always vital to check the product description to ensure it has been designed to deter squirrels.

Do Ultrasonic Devices Work on Squirrels?

The good news for you is that, yes, ultrasonic devices do work to deter squirrels. There are different kinds of devices that you can get, so you should make sure to do your research and get the best ultrasonic device for your situation.

Do Ultrasonic Devices Deter Other Pests?

As well as squirrels, you can use ultrasonic devices to deter other types of pests. Some devices are specific to these individual species, so if you are looking to repel squirrels, make sure to get ones in the correct range.

But here are some other pests that you may also deter through the use of ultrasonic devices:


Many ultrasonic devices are designed to keep rodents at bay, making them very effective on mice. Many people will get indoor ultrasonic devices if they believe that they have mice in their house, as it should work to drive them away.

They can also keep mice out of your garden, which does give you some extra benefits.

Ultrasonic Devices Deter Mice


Some very high-frequency ultrasonic devices are said to deter insects and spiders. However, there is debate amongst people as to whether these devices actually work in deterring insects.


Certain devices have a frequency that cats can hear to keep them off of your lawn. If you have a pet cat yourself, using an ultrasonic device to repel squirrels may not be the best idea.

However, if you do not have a cat but your neighbours do, and they sometimes disturb your lawn, this is a good way to prevent that without any conflict.

It should be noted that whilst these devices are designed to deter these pests, there are different levels of effectiveness.

The success you get from these devices will be determined by the quality of the ultrasonic device you have purchased and your installation point.

How Do Ultrasonic Devices Work to Deter Squirrels?

Ultrasonic devices work by emitting noise at a frequency only detectable by certain animals. Ultrasonic devices are too high pitched for humans to hear, although younger children and teens can hear certain ones.

Squirrels then detect this frequency, and it is quite painful for them. In response, they will then move out of the area of this frequency and therefore be deterred from returning to your garden.

Many ultrasonic devices are motion activated. This means that they will produce a high-frequency sound in response to movement in front of the device.

Meaning that if a squirrel were to walk past it, the frequency would be produced, and they would then leave due to the pain of the noise.

Whilst this theory works in practice, there is some debate as to its effectiveness. If the motion detector only has a minimal range, then it is possible that squirrels can get to most areas of your garden without triggering the device.

Some people believe that squirrels will learn what areas to avoid, thus preventing activating the device.


In conclusion, there are ultrasonic devices designed to repel squirrels that work. They are often activated by motion and work by producing a sound at a frequency that squirrels find painful, causing them to leave.

These devices may not be effective if you have a low power one or have put it in an area that allows squirrels to avoid the motion detector.

You can also buy different ultrasonic devices designed to repel mice, insects and cats.

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