Can Snails and Worms Live Together?

A garden is a habitat for many different creatures. Two of the most common insects you find in gardens are snails and worms. But can snails and worms live together? Or will they fight for superiority in the garden?

Yes, snails and worms can live together. 

All animals have requirements in order to sustain life. Worms and snails have the same preferences when it comes to their environment and habitats. Both these animals are capable of living together. Some minor aspects differ, but both animals are found in gardens in moist soils.

Do Snails Eat Worms?

Snails have evolved over time to consume a variety of animals. In order to survive, snails eat everything. There are different species of snails, and some can be herbivorous while others are completely omnivorous.

But, worms can form a part of a snail’s diet. 

Many people do not consider snails to eat worms as they are largely dependent on plant life to survive. However, if a worm were to cross the snail’s path, nothing would stop the latter from having a treat.

Since both animals are considered to be prey animals, people do not consider them enemies. However, snails will eat worms for survival.

Do Snails Kill Worms?

One of the reasons snails make easy prey is that they are quite slow. Therefore, many people find it hard to believe that snails could ever attack worms. Worms are faster than snails; therefore, it can become easy for them to escape.

However, snails are quite capable of hunting down worms. Snails have a radula, which enables them to eat all sorts of things, including worms.  

Do Worms Eat Snails?

While snails do consume worms, lucky for them, worms do not eat snails. Unlike snails that can be predatory, worms prefer to follow a plant-based diet and eat microorganisms. In addition, worms like to eat rotting vegetation, roots and dried leaves.

Worms spend almost all their time on the ground, crawling in the soil. These animals will eat what they find on the ground. Snails like to be among plants, crawl on the leaves, and do not come into the soil often.

Since snails like to stay on plants, they do not interact much with worms and do not eat them. 

However, there are still some exceptions to this. There are certain aggressive worms who will attack snails and seek an opportunity to kill them. But, this usually happens when worms encounter a dead snail or if there is no other food option available.

Worms are less likely to attack and eat a snail unless they find it on the ground.

Can Snails and Worms Coexist?

Snails and worms are found in the same habitat and therefore have to coexist. These animals have the same environment and benefit from each other differently. For instance, both these animals are predators of each other if the circumstances arise. 

Snails and worms provide benefits to gardens, too, in their own way. Worms improve the growth of plants. Worms will dig burrows in soil and allow air to pass through.  

Both animals actually do their part in ensuring that the soil does well and the plants thrive around them. 

Can Snails Live in Worm Bins?

Many people prefer to have a compost pile or a worm bin. Snails will find their way into worm bins because the environment attracts them. Like worms, snails prefer moist environments. Once snails have found their way inside worm binds, the infestation begins. 

As aforementioned, snails are like being in worm bins because of the damp environment. In addition, there are a variety of different foods available inside the bin, including the worms. If there are no more worms left in the worm bin, it becomes a matter of worry.

You may need to look for ways to get rid of snails in worm bins. This process can be long and monotonous; however, it is important to ensure that you get rid of snails from your worm bin.

There are a few ways you can do that. The first thing you can do is to get rid of the snails manually. Any adult snails you spot in the bin must be removed by hand. If the infestation is not big, then this would be enough. 

However, if the snails have been in the bin for a long time, the infestation will be too hard to control. The snails will have laid their eggs in the compost, and as a result, you will have to change the bedding and add new materials. 


Two common animals you will find lurking in your garden are snails and worms. Both snails and worms belong to a similar environment comprising of shade and wetness. Gardens serve as the ideal environment for these creatures.

Snails and worms can live together and play different roles. Snails like to be on plants, while worms prefer to be on the ground. 

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  1. I face the snails’ issue in my mass operation worm farm, and we tried the beer traps and watermelon not good result we get.

    but finally, we are using the normal green lettuce as a pit for snails.

    the way is to put lettuce leaf on the top of the worm farm and then the snails will collect on them after that take the leaf and shake it on some container to get rid of theme, repeat the method for one month to make sure all generations get out of your worm farm
    I hope this information is useful for you all

    best regards

  2. A snail farm where I work is not good for them,they always die, what can be the cause of that? We are tired of bringing out dead ones every day, suggest a good soil and medicine for them, please.


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