Can Snails Communicate With Each Other?

When you observe snails, you may not consider them as smart animals. One thing people find interesting in snails is whether snails communicate. So, can snails communicate with each other or not?

Yes, snails can communicate with each other. 

Snails are not vocal animals; however, you can see them interact and communicate with each other upon observation. These animals have tentacles which they use to communicate through touch.

The second pair of tentacles below the eyes leave behind chemicals for other snails. Snails also leave slime trails behind, which is a form of communication for them.

Do Snails Have Feelings?

The unconventional brain (as we know it) that snails have leave many of us wondering if snails function in a similar manner to other mammals.

All animals display feelings either when they get hurt, in the form of anger or discomfort. However, snails do not make any noise or provide an indication that they are being affected. 

Snails do not have feelings like other animals or us humans. Due to a primitive brain, snails do not process physical and emotional sensations that an established nervous system can. Snails do not have feelings and do not feel pain.

Despite these limitations, a snail is still able to do associative learning. This means snails are able to learn from their behaviour and ensure that they do not repeat patterns that cause them harm.

Do Snails Form Relationships?

Like pain, snails do not have any emotional feelings required to form bonds and relationships. Snails cannot feel love, nor do they bond with their mates. 

Snails are hermaphrodites, which means they can reproduce on their own. So, even if they do not meet other snails, they can carry out the reproductive cycle. Other animals tend to mate and form relationships, but snails do not need to.

Do Snails Like to be With Other Snails?

There are some animals that may get lonely if they are not around their kind. However, for snails, it is not the same. Snails are not looking for companionships to be with other snails.

But snails like to be with other snails when they are looking to eat and sleep. A snail does not get lonely like humans, and it does not require the same level of interaction with others. 

Can Snails Make Noises?

You may have never heard of snails making any kinds of noises. In fact, it may appear that snails never talk. However, there are a few sounds that snails can make. 

The first sound is something like whistling. This sound comes from a small hole underneath the shell of the snail. The snail uses the hole for pooping and breathing. It is possible that snails also create this sound to communicate with one another.

However, other factors come into play, including movement, level of moisture, and their current body state. 

In addition, snails will make noises while they are eating. In an open garden, you may not be able to make much of these noises. However, even small land snails are known to make noises when they are eating something crispy like a leaf or crunchy vegetable. 

Can Snails Talk?

Snails are unique animals; therefore, they do things differently. These slimy animals will not talk the same way, through their mouth, making noises. However, snails have a different way of communicating altogether. 

Snails use their lower tentacles to leave behind chemicals that other snails can trace in the vicinity. Snails leaving their slime trails behind also serve a purpose. For instance, a snail will follow a slime trail to look for others before mating. 

Are Snails Intelligent?

You may look at a snail and not deem it to be as intelligent as other animals. But there are some aspects which snails are good at and others, not so much. 

For instance, snails are not the best when it comes down to having feelings. The pests cannot process physical or emotional sensations. These animals have a unique nervous system with no brain, which causes them to not feel like other animals.

But, despite it all, snails are still capable of associative learning. 

Moreover, snails are intelligent when it comes to survival. Your average garden snail will be in the wild and live by feeling things. Snails will use their sense of touch to search for food and avoid predators.

Garden snails, therefore, are only limited to feelings of physical sensations as opposed to emotions. Most of the snail’s energy is spent searching for food and deciding what to eat. 


It may not look like snails carry out much communication, but they do so through their tentacles. Snails have tentacles that they touch the ground with to look for chemicals left behind by others. In addition, snails also follow the slime trail to look for snails or any food source.

Snails do not have a traditional brain; therefore, they do not feel like other animals. Hence, these animals cannot form relationships and do not feel the need to associate.

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