Do Snails Lay Eggs?

You must have seen snails lurking around in your garden among plants. These slimy garden pests are easily recognisable by the hard shells on their backs. But there is more to a snail than its shell. Have you ever thought about how snails reproduce? Well, do snails lay eggs for starters?

Yes, snails do lay eggs. The common species of snails you spot in your garden will lay eggs all over your garden.

The common garden snail we all know will lay eggs. Snails can lay hundreds of eggs each year, which take just two weeks to hatch. The baby snails reach maturity in just one year.

In contrast, some species of snails, like water snails, give birth to live young as the eggs hatch inside the mother. 

What do Snail Eggs Look Like?

It will be much easier for you to spot the snails in your garden if you know what the eggs look like. Snail eggs are quite small, even smaller than ant eggs. In addition, snails will lay eggs in different shapes and sizes. 

Snails lay hundreds of tiny eggs, and each egg sack contains a huge number of eggs. Moreover, most species of snails lay translucent eggs. To look for snail eggs in your garden, you need to spot brown or slimy grey clusters of eggs.

Usually, the eggs are found on the soil or in debris such as fallen leaves. Snails sometimes lay their eggs in or around vegetation too. It will be easier for you to find the eggs if they have been laid on the soil.

Do Snails Give Birth?

A snail’s reproductive process is quite interesting. Most snails we find are hermaphrodites, which means they have male and female reproductive organs. Every snail can create sperm and eggs.

Snails can be male or female during the reproductive process. Some snails do not require another to reproduce and can make more snails through asexual reproduction.

Snails do not have live young except a few species. Usually, garden snails will lay hundreds of eggs, while some can lay 400! These eggs then hatch in two weeks and only need a year to reach maturity. 

How Do Snails Reproduce?

As aforementioned, snails are hermaphrodites, which means they have male and female organs. Snails can choose to reproduce as a male or female. 

The reproductive organs can be found on the front to help with the process. It is quite a long process and can take around several hours. After the mating process has ended, snails will be carrying around 100 eggs. 

Snails prefer to reproduce during warm months. Snails become active when the sun goes down, and the mating ritual begins. Snails can begin to reproduce as soon as one year of age. 

Where Does a Snail Lay Eggs?

Looking for snail eggs? The best thing we can do is to give you a head start. 

Snails will lay eggs on plants, plant leaves and vegetation. In addition, you will mostly find snail eggs underneath plant leaves. Snails prefer to lay their eggs on plants with broad leaves. Snails will lay hundreds of egg capsules which each contain a large number of eggs.

In addition, garden snails will also lay eggs on the soil. Usually, the eggs are covered with litter and debris. It can become difficult to spot snail eggs if they are laid on the soil.

These land snails make one-inch holes in the soil to lay their eggs. The soil works to protect the eggs and keep them cool during the warm days. 

How to Get Rid of Snail Eggs 

To get rid of any existing snail eggs, you must begin cleaning your garden. It would help by firstly eliminating places and items that could provide shelter to the snails. Moreover, you must keep things tidy by raking up leaves and by turning the soil over. 

Any snail eggs which you encounter must be scrapped off to prevent these pests from growing and causing damage to your plants. It can be difficult to find snail eggs in your garden, so it should not be your only strategy.


One interesting aspect of a snail is how it reproduces. These slimy garden pests have more to them than the hard shell on their backs. Snails are hermaphrodites, which means they have male and female reproductive organs.

During the reproductive process, snails can choose to play the role of either the male or female. After the mating ritual, snails will lay hundreds of eggs that hatch in just two weeks and reach sexual maturity in a year. 

Snails need a moist environment to survive and lay their eggs. Garden snails will usually burrow a one-inch hole in the soil to lay their eggs. The eggs are clumped together and have a slimy covering. It can be not easy to spot the eggs in the soil.

However, snails also lay eggs on vegetation. You can get rid of snail eggs by eliminating any places that could be used as shelter and raking the soil.

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